Landscape Architect Project Manager

If your landscape design is already completed and the plans and construction details have already been drafted, we are your next logical step.

In The Garden is a fully capable, qualified and competent landscape contractor. This phase can either be the most difficult part… or the easiest for you as a homeowner.

We are the best possible contractor who knows exactly which licenses are required, who can keep you either below, or right at your budget!

In the Garden Landscaping & Design in Jacksonville Beach, offers exceptional Project Management Services that assist our clients in bid administration, solicitation, contractor selection, project scheduling, and actual oversight of construction activities.

We are experienced in all stages of landscape and site construction projects. With the “big picture” in mind, we bring our industry knowledge and experience to the table while with working with contractors in all types of trades.

As your project manager, we represent you-the client-during each and every phase of construction.